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We know how tough it can be to study and revise A-Level Accounting.

Maybe you're in Year 12 and are finding this subject difficult? You haven't studied the subject before and the language, terminology and concepts can be really confusing. 
Don't worry! We're here to help.

Maybe you're in Year 13 and are finding that the topics are getting more difficult and you need some extra help? Our topic videos can help you understand these challenging parts of the syllabus.

Or maybe you are ready to revise and want more exam-style practise questions? We've got loads on our website, all with fully explained model answers. Worried about those pesky 25 mark questions? We've got plenty for you to practise. Each one has a clearly written suggested answer. We also have full papers for you to practise, under timed conditions if you want. 

Our videos are all produced and presented by experienced A-Level Accounting teachers. We know which bits are difficult, and we know how to give you an explanation that's clear and concise. We don't waffle and we don't go off on a tangent. Just straightforward explanation, that you can watch and pause if you want to make some notes, or simply give something a bit of thought.

Our videos all follow the same format. At the start of the video, we list and describe what will be covered in the video. The explanation follows, using slides that contain the key points or that illustrate a calculation. At the end of the video, we briefly recap what's been covered. Most videos are about 15 minutes long, but this varies depending on the amount of content that's covered in a particular video.

Lots of worksheets are provided too! We have worksheets that help you practise questions relating to particular topics, and lots of revision worksheets too. All come with answers and explanations.

Like Multiple Choice quizzes? We've got those too...

Watch our A Level Accountancy videos
Study the easy way provides A-Level Accounting resources

A full list of the resources available is further down this page.

We're adding to the resources all the time, so if there's something in particular you'd like to see, please get in touch and let us know. We'll do our best to help!

You can contact us by using the contact form at the bottom of the Home page, or by e-mailing us directly at

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How to access the resources once you have subscribed...

Thanks for subscribing! You're all set now to access all the resources on the website. Here's how:
1. Logging in
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2. Accessing the resources
Now you're logged in, the main menu will show your name. Click on this to see the drop down menu. Choose the "A Level Accounting AQA" option. Now click on the "Access the course resources here" button

3. Choosing your resources
All resources are organised by topic, grouped into Year 1 (Year 12) topics and Year 2 (Year 13) topics. Click through the buttons to find the topic you want to study and to access all the resources
If you can't find a topic you're looking for, please use the Search function at the top of the page. Alternatively, a full list of topics is shown further down this page

4. Once you have finished using the website, please log out, also using the main drop-down menu

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Structure of the website:

Here's a full list of everything we cover along with the resources that are provided:
Two 30 minute revision videos that provide concise summaries of the content of Paper 1 and Paper 2. These can be found on the main menu page.

YEAR 1 (Year 12):
Year 1, Section 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting

  • Introduction (3 videos)

  • Source documents and Books of prime entry (2 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Double-entry book-keeping and Account balancing (8 videos, 4 worksheets, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Trial Balance and errors including:

    • Errors shown by the trial balance​

    • Not-revealed errors

    • The suspense account

        (this section has 5 videos, 2 worksheets and 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Cash Book and Bank reconciliation statement (3 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • The basics of the Income Statement and the Statement of Financial Position (SOFP) (2 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • The general journal (2 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Control accounts (2 videos, 2 worksheets, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Adjustments to financial statements (accruals and prepayments of expenses; straight-line and reducing balance depreciation; writing off an irrecoverable debt) (5 videos, 2 worksheets)


Year 1, Section 2: Financial Accounting

  • Business organisations and Sources of finance (2 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Accounting concepts and Inventory valuation (3 videos, 2 multiple choice quizzes)

  • Further adjustments to financial statements (accruals and prepayments of income; recovery of an irrecoverable debt; profit/loss on the disposal of a non-current asset, including the sale of an asset and part exchange of an asset) (8 videos, 3 worksheets)

  • Financial statements of limited companies (6 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Financial ratios (profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, efficiency ratios and capital structure ratio)​ (3 videos, 1 worksheet)

Year 1, Section 3: Management Accounting

  • What is management accounting (1 video)

  • Budgeting (1 video, 1 worksheet)

  • Marginal Costing and Breakeven analysis (2 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Decision Making (4 videos, 2 worksheets, 1 multiple choice quiz)

Year 12 Revision Questions

  • Multiple choice questions (3 worksheets, with 10 questions on each one)

  • Shorter questions (4 worksheets, with 5 short questions on each one)

  • Longer questions (4 worksheets, with 1 longer question on each one)

YEAR 2 (Year 13):

Year 2: Section 1: Financial Accounting

  • Incomplete records (6 videos, 3 worksheets)

  • Computers in accounting (1 video)

  • Partnership accounting including changes to partnerships (9 videos, 2 worksheets)

  • Accounting for limited companies (3 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Statements of cash flows (4 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Interpretation of accounting information (investor ratios) (2 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Accounting regulation and ethics (3 videos, 2 worksheets)

Year 2, Section 2: Management Accounting

  • Budgeting (4 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Costing Methods: Marginal Costing, Absorption Costing and Activity Based Costing (ABC) (7 videos, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Overheads and Overhead absorption (3 videos, 1 worksheet)

  • Standard costing and Variance analysis (6 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 multiple choice quiz)

  • Capital investment appraisal (3 videos, 1 worksheet, 1 multiple choice quiz)

A-Level Accounting exam style questions

As well as the exam style questions, this section also contains a video:

  • A-Level Accounting revision techniques

There is also a topic checklist in this section which you can print out to use to help you to monitor your progress

Questions are divided into sections as follows:

  • Multiple choice questions (5 worksheets with 10 questions on each one, plus 4 online quizzes - 2 each for Papers 1 and 2)

  • Shorter questions (5 worksheets with 5 short questions on each one)

  • Longer questions (11 worksheets with one long question on each one)

  • 25 mark questions (11 worksheets with one 25 mark question on each one). This section also contains a guide to answering 25-mark questions (please note that the guide is based on our experience as teachers, and is not official guidance from AQA or any other party) 

  • Full papers (1 "Financial Accounting" (Paper 1) - a full 3 hour paper. 1 "Analysis and Decision Making" (Paper 2) - a full 3 hour paper)

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